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Equine Packages

Charlie Sheehy Photography provides a variety of packages and services to their growing list of clients. Learn more about what they have to offer and see what they can do for you by getting in contact today.

Black Background Shoots

The images to show off your horse or pony in all their glory.
Capturing every detail for you to cherish forever or share with the world, these images will make the perfect gift or treat for yourself.

  • 1 Hour Shoot With Up To 2 Horses Or Ponies - £75

  • 2 Hour Shoot With Up To 3 Horses Or Ponies - £100

  • 3 Hour Shoot With Up To 5 Horses Or Ponies - £175

All Packages Include:​

  • 5 Digital Images Of Each Horse Or Pony

  • 1 A5 Printed & Framed Image Of Each Horse Or Pony


Event Hire

Planning on going to an event and want your own personal photographer?
Well Charlie Sheehy Photography offers a service just for you, whether it is a small family fun show or a larger event, Charlie will follow you and your horse or pony around snapping photos all for you!

  • 1 Hour - £150

  • 2 to 3 Hours - £235

  • 3 to 5 Hours - £300

*Includes all of your images on a ​memory stick 

*1 A4 Printed & Framed Image

*7 Edited Digital Images

Horse And Rider

Focusing on the bond between horse and rider, this package not only shows the bond you have but the greatness of having an equine friend.

  • 1 Hour With Up To 2 Horses Or Ponies - £100

  • 2 To 3 Hours With Up To 3 Horses Or Ponies - £175

*Includes all of your images on a memory stick 

*10 Edited Digital Images

*2 A5 Printed & Framed Images

IMG_0623 copy.jpg

Add To Your Packages

You can add additional items to your packages, these include printed and framed images and extra digital images. 

If you have any questions please let me know. 

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